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Hello! Polski

Выдано SuperMemo World
Автор: Natalia Wajda
Тип курса Платные
Количество страниц 1392
Язык пояснений английский, польский, испанский, немецкий, русский, французский, китайский, португальский, чешский, итальянский
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Master the basics of the Polish language once and for all! Hello! Polish is the ideal proposition for anyone who wants to learn Polish from scratch. By performing daily repetitions of the presented material, you will learn over 500 basic expressions and words in Polish in just 2 months!

The SuperMemo method, which for years has been supporting thousands of people in their language learning, will ensure that once memorized, new material will not be forgotten and will be recalled when it is needed.

Hello! Polish is a course based on photographic images. It uses your visual memory and allows you to learn quickly, even without translations into your native language. You will get to know the basic Polish phrases that will be useful to any foreigner when visiting Poland or when in contact with Poles. The course covers the material needed for the 70 most common communication situations related to, amongst other things, meeting people, staying at a hotel, travelling by plane, clothes and weather.

Hello! Polish also contains recordings made by Polish native speakers, which significantly facilitates the learning of pronunciation and allows you to listen to the new language presented. The speech recognition function also provides you with the opportunity to practice it.

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