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Master pronunciation in British and American English quickly and for good with the new Say It Better courses!
Angielski No Problem! and Niemiecki Kein Problem!, our bestseller courses dedicated to Polish speakers are now available in a new, refreshed release!
English, German, Spanish and French courses from the Extreme series have new translations at a basic level. Learning in many languages will be easier!
Are you looking for an English course for your children or young students that is both effective AND amusing? Check out our Young Learners courses!
New courses for children on SuperMemo.com! Memo the Dragon series has grown joined by next languages – now your child can learn English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Polish. 10 days for FREE!
We are proud to present the complete 8 language phrasebook series, available now in the SuperMemo.com catalogue.
More courses for children available in SuperMemo.com technology! English with Memo the Dragon is a two-part course aimed at children aged 3-6, teaching basic vocabulary with the use of funny animations.
New in our SuperMemo.com course catalogue! The Young Learners series of English courses for kids. Read on to learn more about this latest publication, its structure, objectives and content.
With the latest update, it is now possible to edit your MemoCards directly in the iOS and Android apps.
Good news for all our SuperMemo.com website users: we have recently added special keybaords with language-specific signs in all our courses online.
Have you come across a page with material that is so easy for you that you do not wish to repeat it in the future at all? This means you are doing great learning with SuperMemo! Well done :)
It has been a pretty hectic couple of weeks with the new edition of the Extreme series of courses at SuperMemo.com getting prepared to be launched. And it is finally here!
Back in the late 1980s, SuperMemo was first to apply computer technology to optimize intervals between repetitions. We have been the global leader in research on human long-term memory ever since. Spaced repetition may be common in educational apps today, yet SuperMemo is still the unique source of original research and development in this field.
The latest update of the SuperMemo.com app for iOS is now available on the App Store.
The latest update of the SuperMemo.com app for Android is now available on Google Play.
October 2016 starts with an update for our "Olive Green" course of English. Apart from a new set of translations into Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, we have also prepared a new section in each lesson which contains a presentation page with cultural trivia.
Are you looking for a course that will teach you the basics and prepare you for elementary communication with native speakers? Would you like to learn the right glossary for beginners, and are also interested in studying a bit of grammar? The Fast Track series is tailor-made for you then.
When your English is already quite polished and you can boast intermediate-level skills, it might be a good moment to try a course focused on vocabulary from a less general, more specialized field. SuperMemo’s Business English courses may be an option for you to consider, especially if you use English at work.
Would you like to learn the basics of English, Spanish, German or French? Do you enjoy using visuals while studying? Are you ready to try a new approach to learning a language without any translation? Submerge yourself in our extraordinary series of OK! courses.
One of the first SuperMemo courses to be offered at beta.supermemo.com is the highly popular and extensive Extreme series. With 25,000 items in each of the 4 languages available in the series, the Extreme courses comprise a massive set for building and mastering your vocabulary in English, Spanish, German and French.
One of its kind among English courses ever created, “Olive Green” now enters the catalogue of publications offered by SuperMemo at beta.SuperMemo.com.