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Hello! Português

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Learn the basics of Portuguese – and remember them quickly and effectively! Hello! Português is the perfect offer for you if you are looking for Portuguese lessons from scratch. This Portuguese course for beginners will task you to learn every day for several minutes, and in less than 2 months you will have mastered over 500 of the most useful Portuguese phrases.

The SuperMemo method, known and used by thousands of people, will help to ensure the effectiveness of your learning, and will create the most optimal study and revision schedule for you.

While working with Hello! Português, you will complete pictorial exercises that will help you understand the context and enable faster visual memorization. The material will allow you to learn the basic Portuguese phrases necessary to communicate in this language, for example during holiday trips. In the course you will find the 70 most common communication situations.

All of the basic phrases in Portuguese have been recorded by native Portuguese speakers, thanks to which you will learn the proper pronunciation of words from the very beginning. Speech Recognition will also allow you to practice it. Our method of learning, based on pictures and sounds, means that there is no need to translate the phrases into your own language. You will create the correct associations and master the basics of Portuguese faster. From the very beginning, you will start to think and speak in this language!

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