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Hello! 日本語

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Master common Japanese phrases in a short time and remember them for good! Hello! 日本語 is a course of Japanese for beginners. By learning every day for several minutes, you will memorize basic Japanese phrases very quickly and easily. Just follow the repetitions planned especially for you by the world-famous SuperMemo method.

The Hello! 日本語 course is based around short, pictorial exercises. By completing them, you will get to know common Japanese phrases that will be useful during your trips to Japan and contacts with Japanese speakers. The material contains 70 of the most important communication situations.

Thanks to the photos, mastering basic Japanese phrases is possible without translation. All of the expressions have been complemented with recordings of Japanese speakers, thus you will familiarize yourself with the natural, correct pronunciation from the very beginning. At the same time, speech recognition gives you the opportunity to develop it yourself. Learning based on the senses of sight and hearing stimulates your imagination, which results in the building of more lasting associations. This will help you memorize Japanese for beginners more easily – and right away you will start talking and thinking in Japanese!

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