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Hello! Deutsch

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Do you want to learn the basics of German? Then choose our Hello! Deutsch course. You only need 2 months of studying new material every day to learn basic German phrases. The course contains over 500 words and expressions that will enable communication in everyday situations.

Their effective memorization is supported by the well-known and appreciated SuperMemo method. The algorithm will take care of reminding you of the acquired material at the right moment to consolidate your knowledge.

Hello! Deutsch is a picture-based course. Thanks to the various exercises you will get to know basic words in German which were specially chosen to be useful when travelling abroad – to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium or Switzerland – and in contacts with German speakers. The course topics include almost 70 of the most common communication situations.

All of the German expressions have been recorded by native speakers. Thanks to this, even when learning German from scratch, you can simultaneously learn the right and natural ways of pronunciation and the correct accent. You can also improve these with the speech recognition function.

Hello! Deutsch is a newer version of the OK! Deutsch course, enriched with translations, speech recognition function as well as many new illustrations.

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