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Hello! 中文

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Learn basic Chinese phrases with Hello! 中文. We recommend this course for people who want to learn Chinese effectively from scratch. It takes just two months of everyday study to acquire over 500 basic expressions and words in Chinese. The award-winning SuperMemo method supports effective learning through an effective algorithm for determining intelligent repetitions.

Hello! 中文 bases its effectiveness on specially prepared pictures. Thanks to this, translations into your native language are not needed for learning – it is enough to look at the illustrations to understand the meanings and contexts of new words and phrases at the basic level. In addition, the friendly, photographic form of the course speeds up learning – knowledge acquired visually is easier to remember.

The course allows you to learn the basic Chinese phrases used in everyday life. The course enables you to interact in the 70 most common communication situations. Hello! 中文 contains recordings prepared by Chinese speakers, which accelerates your learning of the correct pronunciation and accent, while Speech Recognition enables you to practice it.

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