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Italiano con Memo il Drago 2

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Idioma das instruções inglês, polonês, espanhol, alemão, russo, francês, chinês, Português (Brasileiro), italiano
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Are you looking for an Italian course for a child aged 4-6 years? Introducing Italiano con Memo il Drago 2! Memo the Dragon, a well-known character among the youngest learners, will teach the child the 100 most important Italian words with colour animations. The SuperMemo method will ensure that they are remembered once and forever.

The Italian language course Italiano con Memo il Drago 2 was designed for children. The basic Italian words are presented on 10 colourful, animated boards. The youngster will learn phrases from thematic areas of everyday vocabulary, such as rooms, food, beverages and basic courtesy expressions. Learning Italian with Memo the Dragon not only educates but also stimulates the imagination!

The course also includes 200 interactive exercises, allowing learners to test their knowledge of the newly-acquired material and memorize it. The SuperMemo method, which sets the optimal time for each exercise to be repeated in order to maximize its effectiveness, will ensure that the child remembers the Italian words for good!

Memo the Dragon can teach children Italian in Polish, English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese and Italian.

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