Spanish 3. ¡No hay problema! Advanced

Spanish 3. ¡No hay problema!


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Autor: Iván Medel López Żaneta Mionskowska
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Język poleceń angielski
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Spanish 3. ¡No hay problema! is a Spanish course is aimed at English-speaking users with intermediate Spanish competence who would like to master their language skills. The scope of the vocabulary and grammar subjects in the course corresponds to the B2 and C1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Once you have finished the course, you will be able to understand written and spoken Spanish with ease, as well as formulate fluent and spontaneous opinions on virtually any subject.

The Spanish 3. ¡No hay problema! course consists of 12 extensive and thoroughly designed lessons that contain over 2,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises to learn 1,000 words and expressions. Each lesson is based on working with dialogues and texts, reading and listening comprehension, and repeating new vocabulary. The SuperMemo method organises the repetition process so that the information is reviewed with optimum timing. The course also includes cultural commentaries and sections with idiomatic expressions.

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