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Only a few years ago, foreign language proficiency was only one of the advantages a potential employer looked for. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more useful in everyday life, while in professional life it is simply essential. Are you wondering how long it takes to learn a new language, and how many languages you can master? Read on, and we’ll happily tell you how to learn more effectively and, as a result, speed up the learning process.
We’ve done it! We are very proud to announce that the SuperMemo method has just won the Science of Learning Award in the Reimagine Education Awards contest, known as the Oscars of Education!
Master pronunciation in British and American English quickly and for good with the new Say It Better courses!
11/6/19 learning system has been shortlisted for the BETT Awards 2020.
New nominations for SuperMemo! We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted among the companies fighting for the Reimagine Education Awards 2019 in two categories.
Every October, Frankfurt (Germany) becomes the focus of the international publishing industry as it hosts the world’s largest book fair.
Angielski No Problem! and Niemiecki Kein Problem!, our bestseller courses dedicated to Polish speakers are now available in a new, refreshed release!
Foreign languages can be successfully learned at any age. However, it is worth remembering that the key to success is how you learn. Discover 10 effective ways to learn a language and you'll see the difference and feel extra motivated.
English, German, Spanish and French courses from the Extreme series have new translations at a basic level. Learning in many languages will be easier!
Do you want to start Olive Green English course? Do not know at what level to start learning English? Take the free English level test online and start your learning at the level you currently are.
Now activation of the Premium subscription is even easier! Add your payment card as a payment method and enjoy your access to 18 languages and over 200 courses for one month for free!
28 czerwca 2019 roku zamykamy Sprawdź, co to dla Ciebie oznacza, i przenieś naukę do nowszej platformy