Français Verbes irréguliers


Verbes irréguliers

Catégorie français
Langue d'enseignement français
Nombre de pages 601
Publié par SuperMemo World
Auteur : Karina Mańka
Type de cours Gratuit

Français. Verbes irréguliers is a course in French irregular verbs that serves as excellent help for learners of French at all levels of language competence, from beginners to the most proficient users.

The course contains over 500 exercises on French irregular verbs divided into six sections: Présent, Passé, Futur, Gérondif, Impératif and Subjonctif. With each section, verbs are further divided into groups that follow the same model. The verb pattern is also provided before you start doing the exercises related to one model, so that you can read and remember the correct forms.

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In your first encounter with each exercise, you may not know the correct answer; it is only natural, especially if you are a beginner learner. Familiarize yourself with the answer defined in the course; listen to the recording. When you come across the exercise again during repetitions, you will see that the idioms will sound familiar and you will be more and more at ease with your French grammar.

All the recordings in the course have been made by French native speakers.