Grammaire française null

Grammaire française

Publié par SuperMemo World
Auteur : Marta Owieśny, Elżbieta Urbaniak
Type de cours Payant
Nombre de pages 2904
Langue d'enseignement français
Catégorie français

Grammaire française is a course in French grammar that serves as excellent help for both those who begin their adventure with French and those who continue their learning process on all levels of advancement.

The course contains over 3,000 exercises which facilitate mastering the use of French grammar structures. Tasks are ordered thematically and gathered in 5 chapters of ascending level of difficulty, starting from the basics and going up to the most advanced level of competence. Each exercise is based on typical structures in French so that you can combine learning and practising the rules with exposure to natural language. It is a perfect way to understand and become fluent in using grammar structures once and for all, at the same time not wasting time for boring theory.

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