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Only a few years ago, foreign language proficiency was only one of the advantages a potential employer looked for. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more useful in everyday life, while in professional life it is simply essential. Are you wondering how long it takes to learn a new language, and how many languages you can master? Read on, and we’ll happily tell you how to learn more effectively and, as a result, speed up the learning process.
Foreign languages can be successfully learned at any age. However, it is worth remembering that the key to success is how you learn. Discover 10 effective ways to learn a language and you'll see the difference and feel extra motivated.
Do you want to start Olive Green English course? Do not know at what level to start learning English? Take the free English level test online and start your learning at the level you currently are.
One of the biggest challenges for language learners is speaking properly, especially if they learn solo. Thanks to the development of speech technologies, you can now get instant feedback on your speaking and pronunciation skills while learning with private courses in SuperMemo mobile apps.
The Olive Green course has recently been updated with a new set of translations, this time for the "Cultural trivia" section that you can find at the end of each chapter.
The SuperMemo app for iOS devices got a new feature in its functionality – speech synthesis (Text To Speech) which you can use in the private courses and MemoCards. Now, you are able to learn more effectively and be sure about the correctness of your pronunciation!
Have you ever used mixed repetitions on Check out how they work!
New feature on! An in-app Dictionary is now available also for iOS users.
New features in! "Add to SuperMemo" button when browsing (Android 6.0 +) and “Add to SuperMemo” button on the home screen (Android 7.0 +).
12/28/17 has a new online feature – a translation widget! To call it up, highlight a word or phrase on the website.
The app for Android has a new functionality – speech synthesis (Text To Speech) – available for private courses and MemoCards. Now, you can easily add words to your courses in any language you choose.
Did you know that you can search through all courses in both online, and in PC Windows, Android and iOS apps? By now, you are probably familiar with the search option available online that we already presented on our blog some time ago.
Did you know that your courses purchased online at can be downloaded and used in the SuperMemo app for iOS and Android? And vice versa! Your courses purchased in the SuperMemo app for the iPhone can be used at online and Android app.
Did you know that in you can synchronize your learning between the online service and your iPhone? Read on to learn how to do that.
Most SuperMemo courses consist of a significant number of pages that you may want to browse through to find a word or explanation without following the default order of pages in a given course. For this reason, we have come up with a simple text search tool that you can use in all courses available at
For our dedicated SuperMemo users, it may be in their blood to go through repetitions ordered according to the length of intervals. This means that basically you repeat the most recently reviewed material first, and then, step by step, you go back to the material that has the longest intervals.
The recent update of the service includes the option to publish your own courses.
In the editor that we have introduced in our previous post you can now import your questions and answers instead of having to introduce every single MemoCard separately.
In one of our previous posts, we described what MemoCards are and how to create a single MemoCard. Today, we would like to take you one step further and show you how you can create your own courses with a selection of your MemoCards from the “My MemoCards” collection.
In the app we decided to coin and use a new MemoCard term. What we mean by MemoCard is a chunk of information, usually in the form of a question and an answer, used for memorizing in the process of repetition optimized by SuperMemo.
A couple of days ago we introduced the of vocabulary courses that make it possible for you to learn 25,000 words in four different languages.