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Português-brasileiro com Memo o

Categoría Portuguese (Brazilian)
Idioma de las instrucciones inglés, polaco, español, alemán, ruso, francés, chino, italiano, portugués (brasileño)
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Do you want your child aged 4-6 to learn Portuguese (Brazilian) quickly and easily? With Memo the Dragon, a well-known character loved by the youngest learners, it is possible! Check out the Português-brasileiro com Memo o Dragão 2 course. Thanks to colour animations, your child will learn 100 basic Portuguese words in a humorous way, and thanks to the SuperMemo method known for its effectiveness, they will remember them for good!

Português-brasileiro com Memo o Dragão 2 was designed for children. Children discover 10 animated, colourful boards with which they learn everyday vocabulary, such as home, food, drinks and basic expressions. Working with Memo the Dragon not only teaches Portuguese (Brazilian), but is also a great adventure!

All of the newly discovered phrases will be memorized by the child in the process of completing 200 interactive exercises. The effectiveness of the learning will be ensured by the SuperMemo method, which will determine the repetition of the material at the best moment for each individual! Thanks to this, learning is simply highly effective!

The course is available for learners who speak Polish, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Chinese.

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