Español Extremo 1 Básico

Español Extremo 1


Categoría español
Idioma de las instrucciones español, inglés, polaco, alemán, francés
Número de páginas 3336
Publicados por SuperMemo World
Autor SuperMemo World
Tipo de curso De pago

With the online “Español Extremo: Básico” course, you will be able to learn 3,336 basic Spanish words and expressions. Mastering this vocabulary range enables you to communicate easily at the beginner level. You will be able to understand the spoken and written Spanish and talk about basic everyday topics.

Your learning is supported by the world-known SuperMemo algorithm that enables you to learn faster and retain more information in your memory. SuperMemo schedules your revisions so that you concentrate on things you have problems with and do not waste your time on things you already remember well.

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