Optimization of Learning: Summary Piotr Wozniak, 1990
From P.A.Wozniak, Optimization of Learning, updated and corrected May 20, 1997

Here is the list of the most important points of the thesis (terminology given in boldface was included in the Glossary):

  1. The SuperMemo method used in repetition spacing was presented (Chapter 3). The following elements of the method marked the most significant steps in its development:
  2. Software implementation of the SuperMemo method was described (Chapter 4)
  3. SuperMemo on paper was described (Chapter 7)
  4. The function of optimum intervals was found by means of three methods:
  5. A comprehensive analysis of the SuperMemo learning process was presented:
  6. Method-independent prerequisites of the successful application of SuperMemo were formulated (Chapter 6)
  7. Results of a questionnaire collecting opinions of SuperMemo students were presented (Chapter 8)
  8. Biological aspects of learning in the light of the SuperMemo method were analyzed:
  9. Possible future applications of SuperMemo were outlined (Chapter 12). As an illustration, software supervising a touch typing training was described (p. 87). A simple method for using SuperMemo in learning to play musical instruments was presented (p. 92). Universal nature of learning based on repetition spacing was suggested (p. 165).
  10. The mere existence of the SuperMemo METHOD refutes or calls in question a pretty large number of common sense conceptions and dogmas of the psychology of learning. The most prominent examples are listed below: