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About us
SuperMemo, an e-learning publisher with over 25 years of experience in providing services and content for language learning. The SuperMemo World company was first to apply computers to optimize intervals between repetitions. Although spaced repetition is common in educational apps nowadays, SuperMemo continues to be the unique source of original research and development in this field. The algorithm makes sure that you minimize the time you spend on learning and repetitions, and achieve your learning goals in the most effective way. Our collection of over 100 courses comprises excellent publications to study more than ten different languages and caters for users of various language levels, objectives and styles of learning.
Why become a partner of SuperMemo World?
  • SuperMemo is one of the most renowned providers of digital education solutions globally
  • Your clients can instantly get access to our courses, including multi-awarded Olive Green content, ready to be localised and adapted to your individual requirements.
  • Your clients can get access to different platforms with the Olive Green course at once, choosing those mostly used in your country. Available platforms:
  • You reduce your own expenses and risk by purchasing reliable solutions whose effectiveness has been proven in practice.
  • You receive support from a well-established company that has been on the market for over 25 years now.
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Our offer includes:
  • E-learning services with content ready for applying blended learning model in your institution
  • Comprehensive and quality courses designed for in-class teaching, also allowing students to continue at home
  • All courses based on the SuperMemo method, the most advanced algorithm in the world. Research shows that thanks to our method student can acquire new knowledge at least 15 times faster than when using traditional methods, while also retaining over 95% of the acquired information in the memory
  • Flexibility for students – they can learn anywhere and anytime with synchronization between platforms – available online, for PC Windows, Android and iOS
  • Lesson plans for our major courses
  • Students grouping according to your classroom needs
  • Reporting – access to the progress of learning and statistics of each student
  • Adjustable pricing models based on a number of users and clear pricing structure
  • Price list, course presentations, lesson plan samples can be found here: SuperMemo – Language learning resources
Notably, our offer features the award-winning Olive Green blended-learning English LearntCourse. It is a complete course package at A1-C1 levels including a self-study innovative course based on an interactive film and a set of traditional classes with a teacher at a language school. The package is designed from scratch especially for EFL/ESL learners.
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