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Русский с Драконом Мемо 2

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Language of instruction English, Polish, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian)
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Have you already met Memo the Dragon? That’s great! Our funny green friend invites you to join him in another exciting Russian adventure! Here you will find 100 more new Russian words and phrases for you and your kids!

The course Русский с Драконом Мемо 2 follows on from the Russian language fun for children aged 4-6 found in the first adventure of Dragon Memo. The course consists of 10 colourful animated presentations depicting school, home, games and everyday situations. Learning with Memo the Dragon is an exciting adventure for children of all ages – even those who are not yet able to read!

In this part of the course you have at your disposal another collection of 200 interactive exercises which let children test their vocabulary skills and consolidate the material. Thanks to the intelligent repetition system, children revise words and phrases in a pattern which helps them remember the basics of Russian in the most effective way. Come and join the fun!

Memo the Dragon can teach children in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese (Brasilian), Italian and Polish.

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