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Searching for a Portuguese (Brazilian) course for children aged 4-6 years? Check out Português-brasileiro com Memo o Dragão 1 and learn the language with Memo the Dragon, a well-known character much loved by kids! Colourful animations will make your child learn the 100 most important Portuguese words and store them in their memory for good, thanks to the famous SuperMemo method.

The Português-brasileiro com Memo o Dragão 1 course is designed for young learners. It consists of 10 colourful, animated boardsshowing, among other things, numbers, toys, colours, animals and other subject areas that a child encounters in his or her everyday life. Learning with Memo the Dragon not only teaches Portuguese (Brazilian), but also stimulates the imagination!

The course also includes 200 interactive exercises, allowing learners to test their language skills and consolidate the presented material. Thanks to the SuperMemo method, which determines repetitions of vocabulary at the best moment for a particular child, learning is simply highly effective!

Memo the Dragon can teach the lessons in Polish, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese, Russian and Italian.

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  • On Holiday
  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • Wild Animals
  • Fairy Tales
  • In the Countryside
  • In the City
  • My Room
  • Shopping
  • My Family.

How to learn with a Memo the Dragon course?

Learning with the Português-brasileiro com Memo o Dragão 1 multimedia course works in stages, each of which are determined by the individual sections in each lesson. The lesson starts with an animated presentation board, where the target words in that section are hidden. The child finds the words by clicking on the individual characters or objects. The reward for finding them on the board is a funny and surprising animation. The presentation part is followed by a series of two exercises to reinforce the new vocabulary. In the first exercise, the task is to listen to a voice recording and click on the object whose name has been read. The indication of the objects is accompanied by animations and sound recordings, both when the answer is correct or incorrect. Then, in the second series of exercises, there are tasks to be solved, in which the picture must be completed with an appropriate caption (for children who can already read) or a sound recording (for children who cannot). Learning with the course each time results from getting acquainted with the presented material and performing the exercises. The program automatically checks the correctness of each answer. Repetitions are determined on the basis of the SuperMemo algorithm, thanks to which it is possible to memorize the material with almost 100% effectiveness.

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