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Polski 2. Bez problemu!

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Author: Akademia Polonica: Marzena Jasnos, Ewa Masłowska, Agnieszka Pabiańczyk, Marzena Suska, Emil Szczepański
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A comprehensive intermediate Polish course. Reading, grammar, exercises and more.

Polski 2. Bez problemu! is a Polish course aimed at English speakers who know the basics and intend to continue learning Polish. The scope of the vocabulary and grammar subjects in the course corresponds to the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Once you have finished studying the material in this course, you will be able to express yourself coherently, and to present and explain your point of view during a discussion.

The Polski 2. Bez problemu! course consists of 12 extensive and thoroughly designed lessons that contain over 2,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises to learn 1,000 words and expressions. Each lesson is based on working with dialogues and texts, reading and listening comprehension, and mastering new vocabulary. The SuperMemo method organises the repetition process so that the information is reviewed with optimum timing. The course also includes grammar sections. The authors’ explanations are clear and to the point, and are further supplemented with a series of drills and consolidation tasks for quick and intuitive learning of grammar. The entire material in the course has been recorded by Polish native speakers.

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Each lesson contains the following sections:

  • Słuchaj i czytaj – dialogues and texts that present words and expressions in context
  • Nowe słowa i wyrażenia – lists of new vocabulary to learn
  • Gramatyka – grammar explanations
  • Ćwiczenia – vocabulary and grammar exercises

Sample grammar subjects:

  • Inflection of adjectives
  • Plural of nouns and adjectives
  • Future tense
  • Imperative
  • Adverbs
  • Numerals: inflection and collective numerals

Sample vocabulary subjects:

  • Internet
  • Advertising and media
  • Higher education
  • Business
  • Relations and relationships
  • Accommodation and renting a flat
  • Entertaining guests, eating and drinking, manners
  • Shopping
  • Travelling
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