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Fast Track to CAE

Published by SuperMemo World
Author: Pearson Education Limited (Susan Morris, Alan Stanton, Nick Kenny, Peter Sunderland)
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Language of instruction English
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Certificate of Advanced English, currently under the name of Cambridge English: Advanced, is a proof of advanced-level English competence recognized by over 6,000 institutions all over the world. Mastering English at the CAE exam level requires a total of approximately 200 hours of learning if your English skills are already at the level of FCE that precedes CAE. Supported by the acclaimed SuperMemo method of repetition, the "Fast Track to CAE" course is a helpful resource for candidates that allows them to prepare for the exam more effectively and increases their chances of gaining a higher note on the certificate.

The course consists of an exercise part, divided into 14 thematic chapters, covering over 1,000 various exercises and tasks that enable the user to practice all five language skills required at the exam:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • English in Use
  • Listening (with native speakers’ recordings)
  • Speaking.
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