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Are you an art fan or simply interested in learning something new with SuperMemo, other than languages? With the Art Gallery course, you will learn 150 authors and titles of famous paintings from 17 different periods and styles. The course contains 150 exercises where you are asked to provide the author and title of a given work based on the picture that will be displayed for you on the screen.

The learning process is based on the excellent, multiple award-winning SuperMemo method of spaced repetition. With SuperMemo, each course item is repeated at time intervals that are adjusted to your individual rhythm and progress in learning.

This course is designed for English learners. To access its Polish version, please go to Galeria Malarstwa.

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Art periods and styles:

  • Italian Renaissance
  • Northern Renaissance
  • Baroque
  • Rococo
  • Neoclassicism
  • Romantism
  • Impressionism
  • Post-Impressionism
  • Symbolism
  • Expressionism
  • Pre-Raphaelites
  • Secession
  • Bauhaus/Abstract
  • Cubism
  • Dadaism
  • Futurism
  • Surrealism
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