How to buy or unlock SuperMemo for Pocket PC

To become an owner of a fully-functional SuperMemo for Pocket PC do the following:

  1. (optionally) Download a trial version of SuperMemo for Pocket PC to see if you like the product. The trial version will allow of only 30 items in your databases, but is otherwise fully functional and you can use it indefinitely. Get a taste of SuperMemo before you commit to a purchase. Remember to choose the right version for your processor
  2. Order SuperMemo from SuperMemo Store. You may, but you do not have to download while purchasing. You can always download the most recent built from the site listed in Step 1. If possible, specify Device ID while ordering. If you are not sure what Device ID is, skip it (you can provide it later). You can also choose a Registration Name. If you do not provide the registration name, your surname will be used as the Registration Name
  3. In response to your order, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. Remember to provide a correct and valid e-mail address when purchasing SuperMemo. Keep the order confirmation for later use. You will receive further instructions within a business day. These instructions will primarily ask you to provide your Device ID as indicated below
  4. If you have downloaded only SuperMemo CE executable (SMemoCE.exe) or its zipped version: using ActiveSync1, copy the downloaded (unzipped) file (SMemoCE.exe) to your Pocket PC device (for example, if you place it in the folder My Device\Windows\Start Menu, you will receive immediate access to SuperMemo from the start menu2)
  5. Run SuperMemo on Pocket PC and go to Help : Register menu to see your Device ID. Read the Device ID from the second field, choose any Registration Name (e.g. your own name) and send it via e-mail to SuperMemo World by responding to one of the following:
    • order confirmation received immediately after your order from SuperMemo Store
    • registration instructions received upon the authorization of your order
    • if you have any problems, Contact us
  6. In response to your order and/or in response to your e-mail containing your Device ID and your Registration Name, you will receive an Unlock Key
  7. Go again to Help : Register menu in SuperMemo for Pocket PC, type in your chosen Registration Name and your Unlock Key. Click OK
  8. Quit SuperMemo using File : Exit. The purchase and registration procedure is complete

Thank you for choosing SuperMemo!

  1. Naturally, you can download directly to your device using a mobile phone or through GPRS. In other words, you do not need a PC to complete the installation
  2. There is a limited number of positions available on the start menu. You may need to delete some earlier positions to free space for SuperMemo