SuperMemo CE version history

  • Bug fix
  • Minor enhancement
  • New feature



Description of changes

Oct 15, 2009 4.40
  • Added support for style definition in <dbname>.css file (HTML mode).
Jan 31, 2008 4.20
  • Adding the Short Stats.
  • Adaptation to work with square screen.
  • Minor improvements.
Mar 1, 2007 4.0
  • Support for the Landscape mode was added. The screen layout can be changed while SuperMemo is running.
  • The window with the calendar of repetitions has been enlarged and made more ergonomic.
  • Context menu in questions and answers simplifies certain operations, e.g. copy and paste from Internet Explorer.
  • Q&A export can now be made on a subset of items in a given range (from-to).
  • Databases can now be merged via Q&A imports (e.g. by importing items to the currently opened database).
  • Various enhancements to Q&A transfers (import and export).
Jul 1, 2006 3.6
  • Adding some new multimedia features (HTML mode)
Jul 7, 2005 3.5
  • Adding the Edit menu (Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste)
  • Improved import XML learning data
  • Minor enhancements
Oct 30, 2004 3.2
  • Improved some minor errors
Aug 4, 2004 3.1
  • Adding the possibility of viewing Last item statistics in learn mode
  • Minor improvements
May 31, 2004 3.0
  • First core XML implementation for inter-platform learning data exchange (check the documentation of other SuperMemos to see which versions can exchange data via XML)
  • HTML formatting
  • Database can now hold up to 30,000 items
  • The limit on the length of questions and answers has been eliminated
  • Different fonts in questions and answers can be saved in the database configuration file
  • Two modes of character encoding: compressed Unicode (for compatibility) and UTF-8
  • Global swap of questions with answers
  • Demos can now be registered via e-mail to activate full functionality
Sep 3, 2003 2.50
  • New version for Pocket PC 2003
  • Removing Convert Table module and changing Q&A text file format to Unicode (earlier DOS)
  • Adding the possibility of hiding statistics and item info
Sep 1, 2001 2.10
  • New version for Pocket PC
Dec 6, 2000 2.0
  • Rebuilding Convert Table module
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
Nov 11, 2000 1.5
  • New function for change fonts in question and answer fields
  • Improved some minor errors
Oct 29, 2000 1.4
  • Modification of Import/Export Q&A file functions
  • Improving the repetition algorithm
Sep 30, 2000 1.22
  • New version for ARM processor
  • Blocking the possibility of running more than one instance of SuperMemo in memory
Jun 2, 2000 1.20
  • Improved adding and editing items
  • Correcting errors in editing entries in conversion tables
  • On opening a collection, the current item number is set to one
  • Removing deleted collections from the file pick list
  • Better error reporting on an attempt to open a currently used collection
  • Improving error tolerance at importing question-and-item files (e.g. empty questions would abort the procedure)
  • New demo limitations: access to only 30 first items, importing only 30 items
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
Sep 15, 1999 1.00     First official release of SuperMemo CE

Questions about SuperMemo for Windows CE

I recently bought Super-Memo for Palm. Then I decided to switch to PocketPC.
I already got SuperMemo CE v2.0 from your website, downloaded it. But I could not install it?
Is there any way at all of varying the font, or even just the font size?
The size of the collection is limited to 10,000 items
The Export function creates an empty file...
How fast must the processor be and how much RAM/ROM do I need?
Can SuperMemo CE and SuperMemo for Windows exchange data?
Is the SuperMemo CE needs for it's function a PC version too?
SuperMemo CE works fine on both HPC (with keyboard) and PPC (without keyboard)

 HPC screen (20 KB)     PPC screen (5 KB)

You can join the beta-testing program now
We are interested in all hardware platforms
Beta-testing will begin in March
SuperMemo CE is not a port of the Windows version
We provide support only in English (and in our native Polish)
You are welcome whatever your knowledge of SuperMemo

(Aug 8, 2003)
I have created some databases that I would like to sell to other students. Does my license allow me to sell custom created database to others?
I always tell them yes, go ahead, as this may only create more SuperMemo users.

(Markus Schmid, Sep 28, 2001)
I recently bought Super-Memo for Palm. Then I decided to switch to PocketPC and sold my Palm. Are there any possibilities to make a cross-update of Super-Memo from Palm to PocketPC since I find your program rather useful.
Unfortunately this option has not been provided due to the fact that these licenses are sold by two different companies only loosely associated with SuperMemo World.

(Zewge Shiferaw Deribe, Dec 7, 2000)
I already got SuperMemo CE v2.0 from your website, downloaded it. But I could not install it?
"smce2.zip" includes the installation software and all versions for MIPS, ARM, SH3 are available upon unpacking the zip file and starting "setup.exe". On the site, apart from the analogous demo file (SMCEdemo.zip) there are also separate EXE files for individual processors.

(Dan Browne, Oct 26, 2000)
Is there any way at all of varying the font, or even just the font size?
Currently you cannot change fonts in question and answer fields in SuperMemo CE (v1.4). However, such an option will be added soon and will be available free to all registered users of SuperMemo CE

(Dan Browne, Oct 26, 2000)
The size of the collection is limited to 10,000 items
Using more than 10,000 items in SuperMemo CE is not efficient and may substantially slow down the program. Larger databases should best be split into smaller pieces (this can be done with Export Q&A, splitting the resulting text file and using Import Q&A).

(Ryszard Gasiński, Poland, Apr 21, 2000)
The Export function creates an empty file and when the message "Please wait working..." appears on the screen, nothing else happens. After this I can only reboot my handheld.
When SuperMemo CE is exporting items to an ASCII file, it does not respond to the user input. This process can even take several minutes. You should simply wait until the export completes. In future versions of SuperMemo CE, a progress indicator will be used here.

(Stanislaw Wojtas, Poland, Jan 12, 2000)
I would like to buy some cheap palmtop (without keyboard, around $500) on which I could use SuperMemo CE with a collection such as Advanced English (i.e. about 40,000 - 60,000 elements). Are there palmtops that could hold that much in memory? I heard that some can have memory extensions? How fast must the processor be and how much RAM/ROM do I need?
Currently, SuperMemo CE is limited to 10,000 elements per collection. Among others, this limitation was imposed to address the memory available in palmtop and handheld devices. An exemplary 10,000-element subset of Advanced English takes 634 K (data in SuperMemo CE is slightly compressed). This is not much and nearly all palmtops should suffice. Extra memory might only be needed for storing several collections or in import-export functions. The speed of processor is not critical here. It might be noticeable only during conversion of data (e.g. import from and to text files). Before buying a palmtop, you can download a demo of SuperMemo CE (http://www.tss.com.pl/smce/download/SMCEdemo.zip) to check it out on a given device.

(Mobility, Computer Press, Czech Republic, Oct 6, 1999)
Can SuperMemo CE and SuperMemo for Windows exchange data? I mean, that I'd have a huge database on my PC and I'd take to my handheld computer only a part of items (for example foreign words), which I must repeat today.
Currently you can only export/import learning material as questions and answers. The plan for the future (probably in mid 2001) is to make such partial export with the learning process possible. The technical specification is ready and we need some time for implementation (quite difficult due to subtle differences between repetition algorithms used by both versions).

(Mobility, Computer Press, Czech Republic, Oct 6, 1999)
Is SuperMemo CE an independent product, or it needs for it's function a PC version too?
SuperMemo CE is entirely independent. You can import PC collections that are in question&answer format or you can just create them directly with SMCE.

(Hans Egil Vaaga, Sep 26, 1999)
How will the new supermemo program for CE-windows work on handheld computer that doesn't have a keyboard.
SuperMemo CE works fine on both Handheld PC (with keyboard) and Palmtop PC (without keyboard). The program allow importing databases from PCs, so you can prepare your own database on your "big" PC and then transfer it to H/PC. The keyboard has no use in learning process, it is used only to edit or create new database directly on H/PC. Palmtops are not equipped with keyboards, so they have to emulate it. The keyboard is shown on display and you can tap ("press") keys with a stylus. Additionally we are planing to release some databases ready to use on H/PCs. So lack of a keyboard is not a big problem.

(Yusuf Samrod,South Africa, Dec 28, 1998)
What conditions do I have to meet to become a beta-tester of SuperMemo for Windows CE?
As we do not yet have many beta-testers for Windows CE platform, we are glad to admit anyone who is interested in trying SuperMemo on this platform

(Ward van Wanrooij, the Netherlands, Dec 29, 1998)
I currently have 12mb Velo-1 with CE 2.0. Can I become a beta-tester? (other platforms you asked about: HP 320LX, Phillips Velo 500 HPC)
Yes. We are interested in all hardware platforms for Windows CE 2.0

(Mike Richey, USA, Dec 28, 1998)
Do you still need new beta-testers? I use a HP 320LX palmtop with CE 2.0
Yes. The beta-testing program will only begin in March. As we did not expect many users with Windows CE, we announced the program one month in advance to invite more beta-testers

(Chris Valk, USA, Dec 28, 1998)
I am a network consultant. I have a Velo500. I do not know SuperMemo. Can your software be useful for my clients?
SuperMemo is a program for everyone who needs to constantly remember some facts or figures. Windows CE version is supposed to provide everyone with "perfect memory" at the cost of limited repetitions/rehearsals that can be done while on a train, in a restaurant, while waiting in line or in other circumstances when you can pick your palmtop and spend 1-3 minutes on refreshing your memory. We hope that this form of learning will makes handheld SuperMemo very popular

(Ing. M.Jackova, Slovak Republic, Dec 23, 1998)
I am registered with your Czech distributor. Do I have to be registered in your database to take part in beta-testing?
No. We are equally happy to welcome an experienced user of SuperMemo as well as a complete novice with his mind unprejudiced with earlier versions

(Greg C, Dec 28, 1998)
Is SuperMemo CE a port of your Windows version?
No. SuperMemo for Windows CE is supposed to be a program for everyone with no steep learning curve. It will be equivalent to SuperMemo 98 Beginner Level:

(Klaus Schmidt, Germany, Dec 23, 1998)
Gibt es eine deutsche Seite? Ich habe die Version 7 for Windows
Ja, www.supermemo.de