Download SuperMemo CE/SP:

SuperMemo CE ver. 4.50 for Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile

SuperMemo SP ver. 4.50 for Smartphone devices with Windows Mobile

SuperMemo CE ver. 3.50 for Pocket PC

SuperMemo CE ver. 3.50 for Handheld PC and Palmsize PC

  • ARM processor: SMemoCE.exe  (Jornada 710, 720, etc.)
  • SH3 processor: SMemoCE.exe  (CASIO A-20, Jornada 360, 620, 680, etc.)
  • MIPS processor: SMemoCE.exe  (CASIO E-1x, E-1xx, Compaq AERO 1520, 21xx etc.)


If you do not know which processor is used by your device, click Start : Settings : System in your Pocket PC and choose the icon About.

For easy access, place your SMemoCE.exe file in the "Windows\Start Menu" folder on your Pocket PC device. If you use it less often, you can also put it in the "Windows\Start Menu\Programs" folder.

Database files should be copied to the "My Documents" folder on Pocket PC. To create a SuperMemo database from Q&A or XML file, choose File : Import/Export in SuperMemo.

Here is a short manual for your SuperMemo: SMCE help.

Sample databases

Database name




Esperanto English 2200

Basic English

Basic English Polish 3000
Basic English Russian 3000
Basic English German 3000
Basic English English 3000

Basic German

Basic German Polish 1300
Basic German Russian 1300
Basic German English 1300

Basic Russian

Basic Russian Polish 1300
Basic Russian German 1300
Basic Russian English 1300

Basic Polish

Basic Polish Russian 1300
Basic Polish German 1300
Basic Polish English 1300


French Polish 650
French German 650
French English 650


Spanish Polish 650
Spanish German 650
Spanish English 650

English Mix

English Grammar English 3070
Technical English English 3400

English Exams

FCE English 1600
GRE English 2530
TOEFL English 5430

Advanced English - 38000 items divided into eight parts - is comparable with that of a highly educated native speaker. SuperMemo makes it possible to master this material in as short a period of time as one year.

Advanced English 1 English 5000