Registering SuperMemo at SuperMemo World

SuperMemo 8 is free to download from the SuperMemo Website ( and other locations on the Internet. This is possible thanks to the registration mechanism.

Upon downloading, you are given a working credit of 100 points to use up. Once you use your credit and consider SuperMemo a product worth purchasing, you can register it at SuperMemo World and obtain the full license and free technical support.

To register SuperMemo do as follows:

1. Click on the red bar under the toolbar showing your remaining credits (only in full SuperMemo). The registration dialog box shall open.

2. Fill out the fields in the registration dialog box with your name, country and phone number (please do not miss the phone in case your e-mail address caused any problems).

3. Choose Register and a text file with the registration text will be generated.

4. Send this file to register(AT)supermemo(.)com to receive the registration password via e-mail and further instructions.

5. Use File : Registration to input the password and unblock SuperMemo 8.

6. Click OK.

7. Open all knowledge system you want to register (you can open those system later too).

If you have any questions about the registration, do not hesitate to write to SuperMemoMail.

We apologize for the inconvenience related to the registration process!