We apologize for the inconvenience related to the registration process!

The goal of SuperMemo World is to popularize SuperMemo. We are happy with every new member of the SuperMemo family.

We wanted to provide our customers with a free working version of SuperMemo. At the same time, we could not forget that the company has to earn for its operations.

That is why we had to look for a way to balance the free download and distribution approach with some incentive for the user to pay the license fee (NB: one of the lowest in the industry).

Our experience showed that the shareware approach does not work at all!
In the years 1991-1997 we have gained thousands of users of SuperMemo 2, SuperMemo 5 and SuperMemo 6.

At the same time, we received less than 10 shareware contributions (!) while the number of support requests was nearly a thousand times greater!

That is why in 1998 we opted for the current registration scheme.

We wish you lots of fun and inspiration when using SuperMemo!

See: How do you register your SuperMemo.