Translating knowledge systems to other languages

SuperMemo provides you with an option of Shift-clicking individual texts in the knowledge system and displaying the translation of the clicked phrase to the elected language. Alternatively, by (1) depressing the translation button on the navigation toolbar in the element window or (2) choosing Tools : Options : Mouse : Translation : On mouse move, translations can be displayed on mouse move over text or sound components.

If you would like to translate SuperMemo knowledge systems to your native language, you can do it in hours by using one of the following algorithm:

To translate the system interactively:

1. Go from page to page and Shift-click individual texts

2. Provide new translation in the bottom part of the translation window

To translate the entire system without a need to open individual pages and revisiting once translated text components, you can translate the translation ASCII file:

1. Choose File : Export : Translation (use By original text and Not translated for simple systems or By occurrence and Whole system for heavily context dependent texts).

2. Translate the generated text file to your native language by replacing question marks with the translation.

3. Choose File : Import : Translation to import the translation into the knowledge system.

4. In case you found any problems or mistakes, you can repeated the whole procedure again. File : Import : Translation retains the texts from your previous import

See also: Translating SuperMemo interface.