SuperMemo 7 for Windows, the flagship product of SuperMemo World, has become a major success worldwide. It has gained popularity through its ability to produce a documented increase in the student’s ability to retain once learned material in memory. SuperMemo 7 used question-answer pairs as the mainstay of its knowledge drilling approach. In SuperMemo 7, question-answer pairs could be illustrated with graphics and with sound. However, more and more users demanded a new approach targeted at knowledge structuring and hypermedia.

SuperMemo 8 for Windows is SuperMemo World’s entry into the domain of hypermedia publishing that widens the scope of applications of earlier versions of SuperMemo.

Here is a short list of target application areas for SuperMemo 8:

* hypermedia publishing

* hypermedia presentations

* individual and corporate training

* classroom education

* student testing and automatic knowledge evaluation

* learning large bodies of facts and figures by means of repetition spacing (in the manner known from earlier versions of SuperMemo)

SuperMemo 8 is intended, indeed, only as a beginning of a long road of development proceeding along the lines established earlier in the work on developing SuperMemo 7 for Windows.

A major part of SuperMemo World’s resources goes into market research and evaluation of user needs in reference to software development. This user-oriented approach has catapulted SuperMemo 7 into the position of certifiably most popular and most awarded Windows software ever born on Polish soil.

Our hope is that through user feedback and constant investment in development, the crude piece of software and a mere seed of a wider idea that we presented to you as SuperMemo 8.0 will in the future allow SuperMemo World pass the magic barrier of a million copies distributed worldwide, and join the list of classic software applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and database systems.

Please do send your remarks and bug reports to SuperMemo World