The whole maximized Burden screen may be scrolled by a screenful of days forward or backward using PgUp and PgDn. Use the PanelUp, PanelDn, YearUp, YearDn, FirstDay and LastDay options on the Position menu to change the range of days presented in the window. The bar selector is initially placed on the current day. It may be moved up, down, left or right by means of arrow keys. By pressing Enter, Space, or double-clicking a day, you can inspect the items scheduled for the selected day. Monthly burden

This option can be used to see how many items are scheduled for particular years, months, days, and which these items are.

In the displayed columns, successive months are displayed with the number of items scheduled for each month.

The menu or cursor keys can be used to display several years of the schedule ahead.

By clicking a selected month, the distribution of repetitions in particular days of that month can be inspected.