Integral files of SuperMemo

Files installed on the user's hard disk by SuperMemo 7 for Windows

SM7.EXE - SuperMemo 7 for Windows program

BWCC.DLL - custom control DLL needed to run SuperMemo 7

0.BMP - default bitmap template

0.WAV - default sound file template

Accessory files

SM7.HLP - SuperMemo 7 for Windows help

SM7.INI - SuperMemo initialization file

Text files

README.TXT - most recent listing of files on the distribution disk

MINGUID7.TXT - Minimum User's Guide for SuperMemo 7

DBANK.TXT - info about SuperMemo World's Database Bank

INQUIRY.TXT - SuperMemo World's inquiry form

DEVELOP.TXT - the history of SuperMemo software development

Q&A.TXT - most common questions and answers about SuperMemo

OPINIONS.TXT - opinions of users, scientists and journalists about SuperMemo

SuperMemo Toolkit

SETUP.EXE - SuperMemo component installation program

RESCUE.EXE - program for recovering from database damage (analogous to Tools : Recover)

RESET.EXE - program for transforming databases to the intact form (analogous to Tools : Reset : Database)

TRANSFER.EXE - program for transferring items between databases; also used in merging and splitting databases (analogous to Tools : Transfer items)

REPSTR.EXE - program for replacing fonts and substrings in a database (analogous to Tools : Replace strings)

TO_TEXT.EXE - program for converting SuperMemo files to ASCII format with extension TXT (analogous to Tools : Replace strings)

CROSS.EXE - program for compiling a cross-section statistical analysis of SuperMemo databases (analogous to Tools : Cross-section)

SWAP.EXE - program for swapping questions with answers in SuperMemo databases (e.g. to transform an active recall vocabulary word-pair database to a passive recognition word-pair database)(analogous to Tools : Swap)

CLEAN.EXE - program for resetting optimization matrices in SuperMemo databases (analogous to Tools : Reset : Optimal factor matrix and Tools : Reset : Retention factor matrix)

Obligatory database files

*.INF/ITM/ITI/DAT - files of commercial, exemplary, sample or shareware databases

*.AAA/AAB/AAC,etc. - bitmap files in a SuperMemo database

*.YAA/YAB/YAC,etc. - wave files in a SuperMemo database

*.DLL - files of programmed databases

Accessory files

*.TTF - True Type font file of a database (stored in the Windows directory)

*.FOT - True Type header file of a database (stored in the Windows directory)

*.DRL - files used to store the sequence of items scheduled for the final drill

*.INI - database configuration files

*.FND - files to store the sequence of items used in the search browser

*.REC - database recovery report

*.TXT - text files, also used to keep items in ASCII format

*.STB - sortable database text files

*.SRT - sorted database text files

*.CNV - conversion files used by REPSTR.EXE and Tools : Replace strings

*.FLT - filter files used by TO_TEXT.EXE, Tools : Export text, and Tools : Replace strings

*.CRP - database cross-section analysis results