Editing windows

Editing windows, apart from the Question and Answer fields, provide a menu with the following options:


Next - move to the next item (i.e. item which follows the displayed one, in Edit; next item with the same substring, in Search; item to be repeated next, in Learn; another randomly picked item, in Random tests, etc.)

Switch to Append - switch the editing window to the Append mode

Print - print the current item (the actual printing takes place only after completing a page; to print only a few items, follow the printing with Form Feed)

Form feed - send the form feed command to the printer (printing items stored in the printer buffer)

Exit - close the editing window

Edit - edit the current item

Question - edit the question

Answer - edit the answer

Switch - switch the cursor between the question and the answer

Swap - swap the question with the answer (i.e. the question becomes the answer and vice versa)

Replace - replace a substring with another string

Item - database operations on the current item

Delete - delete the item

Select - select another item by its number

Reset - reset the item, i.e. change its status from memorized to intact (the item will be scheduled for memorization at the end of the queue of intact items)

Memorize - memorize the item, i.e. change its status from intact to memorized (the item will be scheduled for repetition using the default interval or the interval provided by the learner)

Copy - duplicate the current item and edit the copy

Transfer - transfer the current item to another database

Position - move to other items by using operations such as Next, Previous, First, Last, PgUp or PgDn.

Image - create and edit bitmaps associated with the current item (suboptions are: New - create a new image, Edit - edit the existing image, Delete - delete the existing image, Import - import a bitmap file in BMP format)

Audio - create and edit sound files associated with the current item (suboptions are: New - create a new sound file, Edit - edit the existing sound file, Delete - delete the existing sound file, Import - import a sound file in WAV format, Play - play the sound file, e.g. at the moment of displaying the question in Learn)

The bottom part of the editing windows displays item parameters and repetition parameters.

The size of the item edit controls can be changed by moving the sizing border that surrounds the question and answer area.