The Miscellaneous menu provides the following options:

Date - changing the current date.

Random tests - randomly presenting items taken from a selected subset: all items, intact items, memorized items, leeches, etc. The suboption Demo is automatic allows you to randomly display items in the database without pressing a key or clicking the mouse.

Approximate - smoothing the matrix of optimal factors in consistence with the theoretically predicted function of optimal intervals. The smoothing is done on the basis of data stored in the RF matrix.

Mercy - evenly distributing the outstanding items in a selected period of time (e.g. after or before a break in learning, e.g. during a vacation period).

Wipe - delaying or eliminating outstanding repetitions of short-interval items.

Options - changing, reading or storing the parameter set of the SuperMemo program (Lapses, database path, configuration path, word-wrapping, date format, text editor, graphic editor, sound editor, audiovisual file access mode, etc.).

Users - adding, editing and deleting new users of the particular SuperMemo installation. Each user has its own default working directory, and, optionally, database access password

Font - changing the font and color used in SuperMemo items.

View text files - inspecting text files accompanying SuperMemo 7 for Windows.