Append new items

This option allows to add new items to the database, and is invoked with Ctrl+A. You can add a lot of new items without ever memorizing them. However, if you wish to remember them, you have to commit them to memory by means of Learn, and repeat them regularly. You can freely alternate the process of appending items to your database and learning.

You can add a new item to the database by pressing Ctrl+A and proceeding along the following steps:

1. Input the question (use standard Windows editing commands).

2. Press Esc, Tab, PgDn, or click the Answer field to start editing the answer

3. Input the answer.

4. Press Esc once to input more items (alternatively, choose Add and next), or press Esc twice to quit Append (alternatively, choose Add and next and follow it with Exit or Alt+F4).

The following options are available in the Append window:


Continue - moving to the next step (from question to answer, or from answer to the next item)

Add and next - adding the current item to the database and editing a new item

Add copy - adding a copy of the current item to the database and continuation of editing the current item

Switch to edit - switching to the editing mode (e.g. in order to review a couple of recently added items)

Exit - destroying the Append window

Edit - editing the currently processed item

Question - editing the question

Answer - editing the answer

Swap - swapping the question with the answer

Switch - switching between editing fields

Delete line - deleting the line with the cursor

Clear - clearing the editing fields

Image, - creating and editing bitmaps associated with the currently processed item (the submenu options are: New - creating a new image, Edit - editing the existing image, Delete - deleting the existing image, Import - importing a bitmap file in the BMP format)

Audio, creating and editing sound files associated with the currently processed item (the submenu options are: New - creating a new sound file, Edit - editing the existing sound file, Delete - deleting the existing sound file, Import - importing a sound file in the WAV format, Play - playing the sound file, e.g. at the moment of displaying the question at Learn)