Recover can be used to perform general database integrity check-up, or to repair a database damaged by one of the following factors:

* media failure (bad sectors, drive problems, cross-linked files, etc.)

* action of viruses

* version mismatch (using different file versions of the same database)

* system lockup (inconsistent data written to the database by SuperMemo)

* date errors (e.g. using the database with an incorrectly set date), etc.

To recover a database, you need all the files with extensions INF, ITM, ITI and DAT. In case you lost the DAT file, you can create an empty DAT file for the recovery, but the entire learning process will irreversibly be lost.

To recover a database with integrity problems do the following:

1. open the database

2. choose Tools : Recover (e.g. by pressing F12)

3. click the Start button

All corrections done to the inconsistent database are presented on the screen and the recovery report is stored in a text file with the extension REC.

You can also repair your databases at the level of DOS by using RESCUE.EXE.