SuperMemo World's Database Bank

SuperMemo World's Database Bank is a collection of SuperMemo databases developed by SuperMemo users, and by SuperMemo World database developers.

All users of SuperMemo software are invited to send in their SuperMemo databases. Upon no-cost evaluation, selected databases are added to the Database Bank and distributed with other SuperMemo World products.

All authors of selected databases receive royalties on terms agreed with SuperMemo World.

Chances of positive database evaluation increase greatly if the database can be sent in the native form, i.e., with the learning process included, so that such parameters as factor distribution, interval distribution, burden, etc., can be inspected. In selected cases, the learning process can also be used to sort databases with respect to difficulty of particular items.

See DBANK.TXT for the periodically updated listing of databases in the Database Bank, as well as for the database registration form for database authors.