The Tools submenu on the main menu bar provides the following options:

  • Options - open a tabbed dialog box with options such as default interface font, default forgetting index, path to files on CD-ROM, translation language, etc.
  • Workload - open the daily and the monthly calendar of repetitions
  • Mercy - open a dialog box that makes it possible to reschedule repetitions (e.g. before or after a holiday break)
  • Tasklist - open a tasklist manager to sort or editing tasklists (e.g. reading lists)
  • Statistics
    • Statistics - open a window with the main statistics of the learning process
    • Element statistics - open a window with statistics related to the current element. This window displays repetition statistics immediately after the repetition
    • Analysis - open a dialog box with various statistics related to the learning process and Algorithm SM-8
    • Simulation - open a dialog box that makes it possible to simulate the course of learning over many years using real data collected during repetitions
    • Plug-In - call statistics procedure defined by a plug-in algorithm (only if external plug-in has been installed and if it implements the statistics procedure)
    • Report - generate a text file with statistics displayed in the statistics window
    • File statistics - compute the size of all files in the currently opened collection (including secondary storage)
  • Randomize - randomize pending queue or final drill queue
  • Random test - run random repetitions on various subsets of the current collection (random repetitions do not count in the learning process)
  • Random review - randomly review elements in the current collection
  • Modify in subset - change various parameters of elements belonging to a selected subset (e.g. size, display status, etc.)