SuperMemo 99: What's new

New features in SuperMemo 99 as compared with SuperMemo 98:

  • Introducing the concept of a reading list (SuperMemo can now be used to import electronic texts from the Internet and help the user in prioritizing the material, splitting it into manageable portions, converting it into selections and items or separate reading tasks)
  • Introducing the concept of a tasklist (although tasklists are an underlying concept for reading list management, they can also be used in to-do list management)
  • Tasklist manager for managing reading lists and tasklists
  • Reading list management options for text and rich text components (queue extract, remember extract, task extract, queue cloze, remember cloze, etc.)
  • Learning in a single branch that can be resumed between sessions
  • Category registry for better management of a large number of categories
  • Templates can be edited in the template registry
  • Extended and orthogonal contents operations and browser operations
  • Extended statistics (e.g. lifetime repetition time in days, average repetition time, daily working time in minutes, and many more)
  • Midnight date shift delay for those who make repetitions after midnight
  • New user interface based on four levels of difficulty: Beginner, Basic, Middle and Professional
  • Layout management
  • Manual inter-repetition interval adjustment
  • Intelligent folder management (no more children overflow dialog box)
  • Merge with template works on compatible types (e.g. HTML, RTF or text)
  • Repetition ceiling to limit the inflow of new material
  • Branch rescheduling
  • RTF garbage collection
  • One-step upgrade of files created with SuperMemo 98 or SuperMemo 8 (as well as import from SuperMemo 6 for DOS and SuperMemo 7 for Windows)
  • Recompiled with Delphi 4.0

A new breakthrough feature of SuperMemo 99 is the reading list management. Reading lists make it easy to import electronic articles from the world wide web and schedule them for reading and conversion to knowledge suitable for learning with SuperMemo:

addread.jpg (97198 bytes)

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