Learn menu

The Learn submenu on the main menu provides the following options:

  • All stages - proceed with all stages of learning: outstanding material, new material and final drill. In the first stage, repetitions scheduled for the current day and all preceding days are executed. In the second stage, new elements are memorized (if available). In the third and final stage, final drill is executed in which all elements that scored a grade below good (i.e. 4) are repeated as long as it takes for all of them to score at least good. Learn : All stages is equivalent to choosing the button Learn at the bottom of the element window
  • Selected stages - execute only one of the tree learning stages
    • Outstanding material - proceed with repetitions of the outstanding material. Repetitions scheduled for the current day and all preceding days are executed
    • New material - memorize new material. Elements are introduced to the learning process in the order they are stored in the pending queue
    • Final drill - repeat only elements scheduled for the final drill, i.e. all elements that have scored less than Good during earlier repetitions (or have been introduced to final drill manually)
  • Random learning - learn new elements by randomly reviewing the entire collection (compare Contents : Learn)
  • Reading list - pick the highest priority article from the reading list. Use this option to read new material and convert it to knowledge that can effectively be remembered with SuperMemo
  • Cut drills - delete items scheduled for final drill (i.e. the last stage of Learn : All stages). Final drill elements are stored in the file <collection folder>\info\drill.dat.

Cut drills simply deletes this file and makes it possible to skip the final drill state. You can skip the final drill if you have a great deal of outstanding items. In such cases, catching up with the outstanding material often takes priority