ABC of SuperMemo

SuperMemo will help you learn faster!

There are only two operations that you have to learn:

  • Add new - add new learning material to SuperMemo (keyboard: Ctrl+A)
  • Learn - learn the collected material (keyboard: Ctrl+L)

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The ABC of SuperMemo is:

  • Add new material with Add new (Ctrl+A)
  • Be sure to review your daily dose of material with Learn (Ctrl+L)
  • Cherish the blessing of empowering wisdom! (which in simple English means: Have fun with your new knowledge)

Further reading:

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  • 20 rules of formulating knowledge - twenty most common problems you are likely to encounter when formulating knowledge and twenty simple and well-tested solutions
  • Reading the Internet - how SuperMemo can help you convert articles from the web into rock-solid knowledge
  • Theory - numbers that will help you understand the impact of SuperMemo on your long-term learning process

Frequently Asked Questions

Writing complex collections is easy!
You can define French keyboard for use with SuperMemo

You can change the size of the question and answer windows
You can edit the font used with your elements
You can keep different fonts in the question and answer fields
You can add pictures to your items