Element window

The element window in SuperMemo displays the contents of individual elements. This is the window that shows you the knowledge which you learn. That is why it is the most important window in SuperMemo!

These are the parts of the element window from the top:

  • Caption (at the very top) with the title of the currently displayed element
  • Menu, visible only if the main toolbar window is not displayed
  • Navigation toolbar - buttons used in moving between elements and searching for elements (Contents, Search, History, etc.)
  • Element display area (in the middle of the window) which hosts components such as question, answer, video, html components, etc.
  • Learning buttons at the bottom of the window:
    • Learn - repeat outstanding material and learn new material (same as Learn : All stages on the main menu)
    • Add new - add new elements (same as Edit : Add a new item on the main menu)
    • Remember - introduce the current element into the learning process (this button is not visible in the beginner level)
    • Forget - remove the current element from the learning process  (this button is not visible in the beginner level)
    • Dismiss - ignore the current element in the learning process, i.e. remove it both from the learning process and from the pending queue  (this button is not visible in the beginner level)

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Professional level

Element menu: The element window provides also a number of advanced options from its pop-up menu. To open the pop-up menu right-click over the element area (not over any of the components). If you are not sure what is the location of components or components cover all element's display area, right-click over the empty area to the right from toolbar tabs (i.e. Navigate, Compose, etc.). You can also open the pop-up menu by pressing Alt+F10

Element parameters: If you double-click the empty area to the right of the learning buttons, you will open the element parameters dialog box

Frequently Asked Questions

You can delete an element by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del

You can easily copy elements by choosing Duplicate
You can see the number of the element by pressing Ctrl+G