Edit menu

The Edit submenu on the main menu provides options needed to add new elements, enrich them with components such as sounds or pictures, delete elements and edit elements. The Edit submenu is available only after you enter middle or professional levels (File : Level)

Here are the options of the Edit submenu:

  • Add a new item - add a new item to the current collection (Ctrl+A). An items is an element that takes part in repetitions and often has the question-answer form (see also: Topics vs. items). The items is added to the current category as selected in the category combo-box on the Tools toolbar
  • Add a new topic - add a new topic to the current collection. A topic is an element that does not take part in repetitions and provides a synthetic overview of the learned knowledge (see also: Topics vs. items)
  • Add a new task - add a new task to the current tasklist (as selected in the tasklist combo-box on the Tools toolbar). To see the current tasklist, use the tasklist manager (e.g. press F4)
  • Add a new reading - add a new reading list position to the current tasklist
  • Add components - add new components of different type (note that Compose toolbar in the main window can be used to create components by drag&drop; this makes it faster to properly position components in the element display area). The following types of components can be created using Add components:
    • Text - simple text components
    • Rich text - rich text component. Rich text components can combined different fonts and formatting but use up much more disk space
    • HTML - HTML component that can be used to display HTML files
    • Spell - spell-pad component for spelling exercises
    • Sound - sound component for playing sound files (WAV, MID, etc.)
    • Image - image component for displaying pictures (BMP, JPG, GIF, WMF, etc.)
    • Script - script component for animating other components (see: Using scripts)
    • Other - bring up the Compose toolbar with all other components that can be created by drag&drop
  • Delete element - delete the currently displayed element
  • Delete components - delete all components in the currently displayed element
  • Edit text
    • Edit title - edit the text of the element currently displayed in the element window
    • Edit first question - edit the first text component that is visible at question time
    • Edit first answer - edit the first text component that is marked as an answer
    • Edit all - switch all text components to editing mode
    • Add pronunciation - add a word-transcription pair to the phonetic transcription registry (only if this registry has been created using Tools : Options : Language)
    • Apply filter - process all texts used by all elements in the collection with a filter file (e.g. replace a set of strings with another set of string, remove delimited comments, move delimited comments to the comments registry, etc.)
  • Menus - make it possible to open currently available pop-up menus for individual windows or components