Edit toolbar in the contents window

Edit toolbar appears at the top of the contents window as in the picture at the bottom of this page.

Here is the use of individual buttons on the edit toolbar:

  • Pop-up menu button - open a pop-up menu otherwise available with right-click over the contents display area
  • Branch menu button - open a pop-up menu with operations on the currently selected branch (same as Process branch on the menu available with right-click or with the button above)
  • View button - display the currently selected contents element in the element window
  • Element align button - align the contents window with the element window for convenient review of elements in the contents window (note that Synchronize button must be down for that purpose)
  • Contents align button - open a second contents window and align both windows for convenient drag-and-drop operations
  • Close branch button - collapse the parent of the currently selected element (to easily fold the whole knowledge tree displayed in the contents window)
  • Synchronize button - display elements in the element window upon changing the selection in the contents window
  • Element data synchronize button - display element parameters in the element data window upon changing the selection in the contents window
  • Drag-and-drop combo box - select the mode of drag-and-drop operations in the contents window
  • Hook button - make the currently selected node the hook of the current contents category. This way all newly added elements will be children of the selected node
  • Find button - search for string among currently expanded knowledge tree nodes
  • Remember button - introduce the descendants of the currently selected node into the learning process
  • Forget button - remove the descendants of the currently selected node from the learning process (and put them at the end of the pending queue)
  • Dismiss button - dismiss the descendants of the currently selected node, i.e. make them invisible to the learning process
  • Save button - save expanded knowledge tree nodes to a text file
  • Info button - display basic information about the currently selected element (this button is only available in the debugging mode)

To better understand how to edit the knowledge tree read: Creating the knowledge tree structure 

Professional level

Right click over the contents window opens the contents pop-up menu with advanced operations on the knowledge tree