Browser toolbar

Browser toolbar appears at the top of the browser window:

browser.jpg (85611 bytes)

Here is the use of individual buttons:

  • Pop-up menu button - open the browser pop-up menu otherwise available with right-click over the display area
  • Process browser - open a menu with operations on browser elements (see Process browser)
  • Synchronize button - display elements in the element window upon changing the selection in the browser window
  • Element align button - align the browser window with the element window for convenient review of elements in the browser (note that Synchronize button must be down for that purpose)
  • View button - display the currently selected element in the element window
  • Search button - search for texts in the title column starting with the currently selected element
  • Random jump button - jump to a randomly picked element among all elements in the browser
  • Home button - jump to the first element in the browser
  • End button - jump to the last element in the browser
  • Filter button - set a default filter on elements displayed in the browser. For example, in View : All, the default filter will make topics invisible (i.e. the browser will only show the items from the current collection)