Options : SuperMemo

SuperMemo tab in Tools : Options provides the following options:

  • SuperMemo interface font - define the font used in dialog boxes throughout SuperMemo. To change the currently used font click Change font
  • Default background image - define an image displayed by default in the background of all elements in the element window. For that purpose type in the name of a selected image registry member. To add an image to the registry, choose Search : File : Image : Import files beforehand. Default background image is always tiled. If you would like to add individual backgrounds to particular elements or choose a given display mode, e.g. center, stretch, tile, etc. use Background options on the element pop-up menu (Alt+F10 in the element window)
  • Plug-In Algorithm - install an external repetition spacing algorithm shipped as a plug-in DLL (see: Neural Network SuperMemo). To replace Algorithm-SM8 with a plug-in DLL, choose Install and pick the DLL. To restore the default state, choose Restore default. Please note that you should install your plug-in before you begin the learning process. You cannot switch the algorithm after repetitions have begun without resetting your collection. Plug-in algorithm is assigned to a given collection, not to SuperMemo in general. This way you can make repetitions in different collections using different algorithms (including your own algorithm as long as you can write your own DLL)