SuperMemo 98: What's new

New features in SuperMemo 98 as compared with SuperMemo 8.4:

  • 32-bit application
  • increased speed (e.g. rendering elements 400%, search 200%, review in contents 100%, review in browsers 100%, recovery 80%, and more)
  • long filenames
  • unlimited length of texts
  • unlimited number of elements in the browser
  • RTF support
  • HTML support (including hyperlinks to other elements, registry text and images, external HTML files and files available from the Internet)
  • JavaScript support (in HTML components)
  • OLE support (e.g. to include files from MS Word, Corel, MS Equation, MindMan, etc.)
  • support for WMF, transparent and stretched GIFs and JPGs and more
  • transparent texts and images
  • background images in the element window
  • three levels of complexity: beginner, basic, and professional (to make SuperMemo easier at the entry level)
  • selectable interface font
  • in-built simulation of the learning process
  • new browser operations: sorting by columns, remember, forget, dismiss, final drill, etc.
  • automatic final drill scrambling
  • Question of the Day
  • support via the Internet directly from the program
  • HTML help
  • one-step upgrade of files created under SuperMemo 8.4 (simply open the kno file)
  • possibility of installing a plug-in repetition spacing algorithm developed by a third party (e.g. neural network SuperMemo)

See also: Minimum requirements