Recovery options

After you choose File : Recover, before the system check-up and recovery begins, the Recovery Options dialog box appears on the screen.

The recovery options are as follows:

  • Basic recovery - quick integrity checkup of the learning process in the current collection
  • Rebuild registries - if you check this box all registries in the collection will be rebuilt and compared with their old versions. All differences will be reported as errors. This process takes pretty long therefore you will want to go through it only if you experience some serious registry problems or you prepare your system for release and want to make sure that its integrity is complete
  • Verify filespace - if you check this box all files in the secondary storage (i.e. ELEMENTS directory) will be checked for their names, numbering, duplicates, empty filespace slots. etc. If you have made a mistake in backing up the ELEMENTS directory or you experimented with manual merging two versions of ELEMENTS from two different versions of the same collection, chances are you have introduced some integrity problems in file naming
  • Rebuild lexicon - if you have done lots of lexicon editing and would like to revert to full lexicon, you can compile the lexicon anew by checking this box
  • Verify translation - you can use this option to make sure that your translation registry is properly sorted and that all text components in the collection are translated or reported as having translation missing

To perform a quick checkup of your learning process, do not check any boxes among Recovery Options. On the other hand, if you want to quickly perform the maximum checkup and recovery of the collection, choose Check all and then OK.