Main window

The main window of SuperMemo is visible only if File : Level : Professional is checked, i.e. it is not visible in the Beginner and Basic modes.

These are the most prominent components of the main window:

  • Caption - shows the name of the currently used collection. If you want to see the full path to your collection open the contents window, e.g. by clicking Contents on the element window's navigation toolbar (the path is displayed in the caption of the contents window)
  • Menu:
  • Speedbar - contains a series of speed-buttons that duplicate some of the functions of the menu and make it possible to quickly execute most often used operations. To see the function of individual buttons pause the mouse pointer over the button and read the hint (you need Window : View : Hints checked)
  • Toolbar - contains some often used tools such as the date-picker, clock, stop-watch, ClipBoxes for copying elements and components, etc.
  • Status bar - contains most often used learning statistics and a hintbar on which hints are displayed (e.g. at the moment you pause the mouse pointer over a button or a menu item

Note that the speedbar, toolbar and the status bar can be shown or hidden by using Window : View option.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Thomas Clark, USA, Nov 24, 1997)
Why doesn't SuperMemo remember the size of individual windows? It has to be changed on each running the program!
Please save your windows layout with
Window : Save as default (Ctrl+Shift+F5).