Help on the main menu provides the following options:

  • Welcome - open the help file you are reading now. Start with the welcome page
  • Contents (F1) - open the help file starting with the page relevant to the current context or, if no context has been defined, starting with the table of contents. For example, if you are in the contents window, pressing F1 will open the contents window page
  • FAQ - open the help file starting with the most frequently asked questions about SuperMemo
  • (only in localized versions) Help (F2) - help file written in the local language (e.g. Polish, Czech, Dutch, etc.)
  • Hints and tips - open the help file starting with the most useful hints and tips
  • Internet update - open this help directly from SuperMemo Website. You can use this option if you cannot find some information and hope that the updated version of help will be of better assistance
  • Question of the Day - equivalent of tip of the day in other programs. In SuperMemo, tips are formulated as simple questions-and-answers. If you decide to introduce some tips into the learning process, just click the button Remember in the Question of the Day dialog box. If you think a tip is not worth knowing, click Dismiss. Note that tips in SuperMemo are a mini-metaphor for the SuperMemo paradigm!
  • Support - receive support via the Internet (read more: Technical support)
    • SuperMemo website - connect to selected sections of SuperMemo Website: FAQ, News, SuperMemo Library, etc.
    • Send E-mail - send e-mail to Technical support, SuperMemo Library, etc.
    • Your feedback - fill out and e-mail to us your user questionnaire. This way you can bank on better versions of SuperMemo in the future
    • Address
      • Reseller - display the company name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, URL and registration e-mail address of a local reseller or franchisee
      • Developer - display the address of SuperMemo World, telephones, website and e-mail
  • About - dialog box with release date and version data (if you downloaded SuperMemo from a franchising website, you will also find here the address of your local distributor and information about technical support in your native language)

If the help file smhelp.chm is not present in the bin subdirectory, SuperMemo will attempt to open the up-to-date help material available from SuperMemo Website.

Important! You can always use the compiled contents of SuperMemo Website to update your help file. For that purpose do the following:

  1. Go to help download page
  2. Download the most up-to-date smhelp.chm file (or short help if size of the file is a consideration)
  3. Copy this file in place of smhelp.chm file in the bin subdirectory

If SuperMemo cannot find smhelp.chm file, it will attempt to connect with the relevant page at on SuperMemo Website