ABC of SuperMemo 98

SuperMemo will help you learn faster!

The only two operations you have to learn are:

  • Add new - add new learning material to SuperMemo (keyboard: Ctrl+A)
  • Learn - learn the collected material (keyboard: Ctrl+L)

The ABC of SuperMemo is:

  • Add new material with Add new (Ctrl+A)
  • Be sure to review your daily dose of material with Learn (Ctrl+L)
  • Cherish the blessing of empowering wisdom! (which in simple English means: Have fun with your new knowledge)

Further reading:

  • SuperMemo Decalog - ten commandments of an effective SuperMemo student
  • 20 rules of formulating knowledge - twenty most common problems you are likely to encounter when formulating knowledge and twenty simple and well-tested solutions
  • Professional SuperMemo - technical documentation of SuperMemo as a hypermedia authoring tool
  • Theory - numbers that will help you understand the impact of SuperMemo on your long-term learning process