Element window

The element window in SuperMemo displays the contents of individual elements.

These are the most prominent components of the element window:

  • Element display area (in the middle of the window) which hosts components such as question, answer, video, html components, etc.
  • Caption (at the very top) with the title of the currently displayed element
  • Menu: File and Help. This menu is visible only at the beginner and basic level. In the professional level this menu is merged with the main menu of the main window
  • Toolbars at the top of the window:
  • Learning buttons at the bottom of the window:
    • Learn - repeat outstanding material and learn new material
    • Add new - add new elements
    • Remember - introduce the current element into the learning process
    • Forget - remove the current element from the learning process
    • Dismiss - ignore the current element in the learning process, i.e. remove it both from the learning process and from the pending queue

Professional level

Element menu: The element window provides also a number of advanced options from its pop-up menu. To open the pop-up menu right-click over the element area (not over any of the components). If you are not sure what is the location of components or components cover all element's display area, right-click over the empty area to the right from toolbar tabs (i.e. Navigate, Compose, etc.). You can also open the pop-up menu by pressing Alt+F10

Element parameters: If you double-click the empty area to the right of the learning buttons, you will open the element parameters dialog box

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete an element in SuperMemo 98?
Choose one of the following:

(Ryszard Kosowicz, Krakow, Poland, May 16, 1997)
How can I quickly copy the text of an item to another item without using clipboard twice (for question and for answer)?
Use Duplicate on the element pop-up menu (or press Ctrl+Alt+U on the copied element)

(Doug Edmunds, USA, Nov 4, 1997)
What is the fastest way of checking the number of the currently displayed element?
press Ctrl+G